Judith Frizlen - Author - Buffalo NY

Judith Frizlen is a supporter of mothers, creators and those striving to author their own lives.

Judy has taught teachers, parents, elementary school, and her favorite—early childhood. To serve families with young children, she founded a LifeWays Center, the Rose Garden Early Childhood Center in Buffalo, NY, based on the child development model of Rudolf Steiner.

A Woman's Voice: The Judith Frizlen Blog

  • I remember my first year of teaching, over thirty years ago, in a first-grade classroom. The social studies curriculum opened with a lesson on the difference between needs and wants. This is a topic I must admit, to which I had not given much thought.

  • It is the winter solstice when the sunlight begins its slow and steady return. Instead of each day getting shorter, each day gets a little bit longer. Like any incremental shift, it takes awhile before we notice the longer days and eventually tiny shoots starting to spring up from the cold, dark ground.

  • Words of Rudolf Steiner, “winter is the summer of the soul”, are excerpted from the Calendar of the Soul. I am grateful for Steiner’s insights, linking the natural world with the soul life of the human being. Today, I look at bare trees and snow-covered roofs and I know winter is here; it impacts my body and soul.