Judith Frizlen - Author - Buffalo NY

Judith Frizlen is a supporter of mothers, creators and those striving to author their own lives.

Judy has taught teachers, parents, elementary school, and her favorite—early childhood. To serve families with young children, she founded a LifeWays Center, the Rose Garden Early Childhood Center in Buffalo, NY, based on the child development model of Rudolf Steiner.

A Woman's Voice: The Judith Frizlen Blog

  • My mother used to say I was the boldest shy girl she’d ever met. I’m just realizing how those two sides are expressed and how much they are inter-connected. I like to refer to the shy one as vulnerable, and the bold one as bad-ass. The vulnerable one is open to the experience of self and others—all of it. The bad-ass one sets boundaries to protect the vulnerable one, by giving her a voice that can say “no” or “stop” or “that hurts.” Both sides are strong, precious and valuable. Together they write the story of a healthy, balanced woman, who feels safe within herself.

  • I enjoy reading women’s memoirs. At Christmas, I received a copy of Michelle Obama’s BECOMING. In the preface, she outlines the value of our personal stories, validating the life story of each and every woman. “Even when it’s not pretty or perfect. Even when it’s more real than you want it to be.”

  • I have met many mothers and carers of all kinds, who carry around a lot of guilt. My own experience motivated me to unpack this burden and write a book about it. Now I’m sharing it with others who want to lighten their load.