Judith Frizlen - Author - Buffalo NY

Judith Frizlen is a supporter of mothers, creators and those striving to author their own lives.

Judy has taught teachers, parents, elementary school, and her favorite—early childhood. To serve families with young children, she founded a LifeWays Center, the Rose Garden Early Childhood Center in Buffalo, NY, based on the child development model of Rudolf Steiner.

A Woman's Voice: The Judith Frizlen Blog

  • I experience days where fear is front and center, driving my thoughts, feelings and actions. Not my best days, time and energy spent worrying is time and energy invested in what I do not want. Those closest to me might ask, “What’s up with you?” Then I catch myself, take a breath and remember that I am free, free to choose. Then I choose love. It is a simple process, but not easy.

  • I think a lot about concepts like freedom. And obstacles to it. Like guilt. It’s in my nature to think a lot and I have enough experience with regret due to the repetition of unwanted behaviors to be motivated. In order to experience freedom, the goal is to align my thoughts, feelings and actions with what I want. When I do, I realize again and again that it is worth the effort. I continue doing the work, knowing it is a lifelong commitment.

  • When my daughter was young, she would ask questions at bedtime, hoping to postpone the lights out moment. One evening, this question came up: “Mommy, what is the saddest thing in your life?”.