Judith Frizlen - Author - Buffalo NY

Judith Frizlen is a supporter of mothers, creators and those striving to author their own lives.

Judy has taught teachers, parents, elementary school, and her favorite—early childhood. To serve families with young children, she founded a LifeWays Center, the Rose Garden Early Childhood Center in Buffalo, NY, based on the child development model of Rudolf Steiner.

A Woman's Voice: The Judith Frizlen Blog

  • When my daughter was young, she would ask questions at bedtime, hoping to postpone the lights out moment. One evening, this question came up: “Mommy, what is the saddest thing in your life?”.

  • A dream come true! I am going to read from and sign my book, Unpacking Guilt, at Chautauqua Institution on Friday, July 19th at 12:15 at the Yale House. If you can, come down and visit this amazing community of adventuresome thinkers. It is a beautiful environment, not far from Buffalo. Hope to see you there!

  • The problem with good, bad or spoiled children, is these labels are judgments that deny the innate capacity of the human being to learn, to grow and to change. Whenever we apply them to a young child, an evolving human being, we limit both the child and our ability to meet the child’s needs. They create a deadening of possibility. Consider the impact of these terms on a child’s potential.